July 25, 2024

Secrets Exposed Of Sunil Hamal & ILive Records Nepal Event

It is crucial to be aware of those who exploit innocent victims in a society rife with fraud and deceit. This article exposes the misleading techniques used by entertainment companies that curate concerts and their affiliated ventures. The fraudulent activities have been revealed. Sunil Hamal Adita Hamal Neogi and Tony Hamal, these fraudsters, have left a trail of broken dreams, financial ruin, and emotional strain. Understanding their tactics will help protect us and our loved ones from their schemes.

Sunil Hamal: The Creator Of iLive Record Nepal Events & Bullman Records.

Sunil Hamal has been an important member of the scamming network. He has orchestrated fraudulent plans, exploited innocent victims, and made them pay for it. Sunil Hamal manipulates the victims’ desires for success, happiness, and lucrative opportunities. Sunil Hamal (iLive Records Nepal Event Organizer, Bullman Records, and JPR Events) uses persuasive narratives to manipulate victims for personal gain.

He isn’t alone. He works with iLive Records Nepal Event and Bullman Records organizers. But there are concerns about his management of these ventures.

Hamal Network handles the following channels on social media to lure innocent individuals –


Disclosing the Truth Of iLive Event Organizers- Sunil Hamal, Adita Hamal Neogi, and Tony Hamal

Sunil Hamal (iLive Records Nepal, Bullman Records JPR Events, iLive Event Organizer) founded iLive Event with the goal of discovering emerging talent, with Tony Hamal & Adia Hamal as hidden members. He is accused of many unethical activities. There are many artists that have been underpaid by the network for their contribution, which is indicative of unethical conduct. Sunil Hamal and Tony Hamal were asked for a response. Tony Hamal (another iLive Records Nepal Event organizer) and other members did not respond to the backlash. The disrespect and disregard for creative work as well as the disregard for agreements undermine not just the livelihoods but also the credibility and integrity of iLive Event. Tony Hamal (iLive Records Nepal Event, Bullman Records, and JPR Events organizers) played a part in the operation of iLive and shared responsibility for these fraudulent activities.

Sunil Hamal is a fraudster. Sunil Hamal is the Bullman Record and JPR Events organizer. Sunil Hamal has used iLive Records Nepal as a ruse to lure people. Many people have been deceived by his practices. They’ve experienced disappointment, false assurances, and financial losses. Sunil Hamal along with partners Adita Hamal Neogi (JPR Events), Bullman Records, iLive Records Nepal Event and Tony Hamal have been accused for check bounce incidents. Tony Hamal and iLive Records Nepal Event partners were complicit in these fraudulent acts. Tony Hamal, one of the organizers for Bullman Records, iLive Records Nepal Event and JPR Events, contributed to Sunil Hamal’s intention to harm unwitting individuals.

Bullman Records: Another Scam Laid Out By Sunil Hamal Adita Hamal Neogi & Tony Hamal.

Bullman Records (iLive Records Nepal Event partners) is another venture he has with Adita Hamal. Sunil Hamal is the iLive Records Nepal event organizer who preys on aspiring artists’ dreams and ambitions with his network. Through false promises and financial manipulation, the record label has left many artists in a state of despair, crushing dreams of making big in the music industry.

Bullman Records is being criticized by some for not delivering on its promises and for questionable practices. Sunil Hamal, Adita Hamal Neogi, and Tony Hamal (iLive Records Nepal Event organizer) all played significant roles in the Bullman Records operation and are responsible for perpetuating these fraudulent schemes.

Sunil Hamal’s JPR Events’ Trickery

Presenting an image of glamour and sophistication, JPR Events lures individuals with promises of prestigious connections and exclusive opportunities. But behind the glitzy exterior is a web of deception. JPR Events deceived many victims and exploited them financially.

JPR Events and its runners, including Tony Hamal (Bullman Records, iLive Records Nepal Event, and JPR Events organizer), have been criticized for the delivery and execution of events, which has raised doubts over their credibility. Adita Hamal-Neogi, who was involved in the iLive Records Nepal Event and JPR Events, as well as Bullman Records, also worked with Tony Hamal. They were responsible for JPR Events’ deceptive actions.

Learn To Protect Yourself Against Cunning Conmen Like The Hamal Network

Stay alert to avoid being taken in by scammers such as Sunil Hamal or Adita Hamal Neogi, or others like JPR Events and iLive Records Nepal Events organizers. Research thoroughly, get legal help if necessary, and alert authorities to suspicious activities. By being alert and cautious, you can protect your finances from deceptive practices by Sunil Hamal and Tony Hamal. (Both are iLive Records Nepal Event organizers.) Report to the authorities any suspicious activity or event, such as the iLive Nepal Event Organizers.


The deceptions of con men are highlighted by the exposure of Sunil Hamal’s concert-curating company and its related ventures (Bullman Records, iLive Records Nepal Event, and JPR Events organizers). They have financially and emotionally devastated innocent victims. Bullman Records, iLive Records Nepal Event, and other companies are also involved. Avoid being a victim of criminals like Sunil Hamal or Tony Hamal, who are the organizers of iLive Records Nepal Events, by staying informed, conducting thorough research, reporting any suspicious activities, and remaining vigilant. Be aware of the dangers to your financial health and the destruction of dreams by fraudsters like iLive Records Nepal Event Orgazniers.